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You want to start an online business, but you have no money. That is why I’ve created a list of the best free affiliate marketing programs for you to join and get started today with no money.

With the best free affiliate marketing programs, nothing will stop you from taking the first steps to achieving both financial and time freedom. 

The point of starting an online business is to make money, right? So why do you need to go broke spending the precious money you already have? This way you can begin and only make money, never lose it.

The best free affiliate marketing programs are:

  1. LeadsLeap
  2. OLSP
  3. Ezoic
  5. TubeBuddy

While there are other programs I’d love to include on the list, all of these are completely free to use yourself. It only makes sense to market products you have personally used and enjoyed.

#1 LeadsLeap

LeadsLeap has taken the #1 spot as the best free affiliate marketing program for a good reason. It provides all the tools you need to start an online business.


From an email list and automation to landing pages and advertisements, LeadsLeap has everything necessary to run your business 100% free! There is no better way to start as an affiliate marketer.

Their email list even has an unlimited number of contacts – even as a free member. No other email list builder does that! You would be paying hundreds of dollars per month for a large list with any other email list.

As for their affiliate program, LeadsLeap offers 25% monthly recurring commissions to free members. This number gets doubled as a paid member, so it is worth upgrading down the road, but you can still make good money as a free member.

LeadsLeap also hands you 5% of the credits earned in your downline up to 10 levels deep. You can earn credits passively to advertise your offers or cash them out for additional money.

You can also add LeadsLeap’s ad bar widget to your own website and earn ad revenue right away. This is a pretty nice way to earn extra starting out as well as most advertising agencies will require a certain level of traffic before accepting you.

Between monthly recurring commissions, passively earning credits, and their ad widget on your site LeadsLeap provides you with three forms of passive income. This is better than the other best free affiliate marketing programs.


  • ALL the tools you need to run an online business for free
  • 25% monthly recurring commissions
  • 5% credits earned from your downline up to 10 levels deep
  • Ad bar widget to start earning from your website right away
  • Unlimited number of contacts on your email list for free
  • Free Ads to passively increase your traffic and promote your products


  • Some features not available on mobile

LeadsLeap is by far the #1 best free affiliate marketing program. CLICK HERE to read the full review.


OLSP is another great affiliate marketing program you can start off as a free member. OLSP provides a lot of training, several business products, and weekly live events.

olsp and td pages

As a free member, it is possible to earn money with OLSP. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

  • 1. Sign up for an OLSP account. To do this you will need to provide some basic personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • 2. After you have signed up, you will receive access to OLSP’s suite of free tools and resources. Using these tools and resources, you can create and promote your own products, or even participate in OLSP’s referral program.
  • 3. Research the products, services, and offers available on OLSP. This will help you identify which opportunities might be the most profitable for you.
  • 4. Create a plan for yourself, setting small achievable goals. This will help you stay motivated and on track.
  • 5. Begin promoting your products, services, and offers on OLSP. You can do this through organic search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, or other methods.
  • 6. Try to build relationships with other members through networking and collaboration. This will help you establish credibility in the OLSP community and could lead to new opportunities.
  • 7. Keep track of your progress. Set a goal for what you want to achieve and track your progress toward that goal.
  • 8. Withdraw your earnings. Whenever you make a sale, you can go to your OLSP dashboard and withdraw your funds.

By following these steps, free members of OLSP can take advantage of the system to generate income. It takes dedication and consistency, but it is possible to make money with OLSP as a free member.


  • You promote one link only. OLSP takes care of promoting the different products within
  • Multiple products mean several ways to earn commissions, even as a free member
  • Free affiliate marketing training
  • Comment Domination helps your social media posts go viral
  • Some products include monthly recurring commissions to build up a residual income
  • Weekly live events in their Facebook group for ongoing training


  • It doesn’t provide the online tools you need to run your business for free.

#3 Ezoic

Ezoic is one of the best free affiliate marketing programs available, and it’s become increasingly popular for website owners looking for an easy and convenient way to monetize their sites.


You earn 3% commissions on the ad revenue collected from the people who sign up through your link.

With Ezoic, you have the ability to optimize your site’s performance and analyze data to better understand user behavior and the performance of your website. What makes Ezoic unique is that it’s completely free to use and they don’t take a cut of your earnings.

Ezoic’s biggest draw is its wide variety of ad formats which allows you to offer products, services, and sponsored content to visitors. You can also use the platform to quickly identify your most profitable affiliates and boost your earnings.

Additionally, Ezoic has over 50 advanced analytics tools you can use to produce better insights into user behavior and interactions with your site, so you always know what’s working and what isn’t. This can help you improve your business and make more money in the process.

Ezoic’s user-friendly interface means that even beginners can navigate around the platform with ease. Plus, with Ezoic you get access to full network monetization and hands-on support from the team, so you can maximize your affiliate program’s performance.

There’s no huge financial burden when you’re starting out meaning you can generate income from your content and make money from your website from day one.

Ezoic is an ideal choice if you’re looking to create a simple and easy-to-use affiliate marketing program.

With the right setup, you can make the most out of your website and focus on growth rather than worrying about the technical details. Plus, the detailed analytics and support make it easier to stay in the know and optimize your efforts.


  • Earn 3% commissions from everyone under you
  • Free Sign-up and Easy Registration
  • Earn a passive income from their ads and their affiliate program
  • Ezoic’s platform allows affiliates to view real-time performance and analytics data to gain insights and adjust strategies.
  • Affiliates earn a guaranteed commission regardless of the number of clicks, purchases, or leads they generate.
  • Low payout threshold at only $20
  • The more your friends earn, the more you earn!


  • Doesn’t provide tools, training, or promotional content.

#4 has all the online tools you need to start your affiliate marketing business for free. You can create landing pages, add members to your email list, and use email automation.

However, after 2,000 members on your list, it does start costing you to maintain your list and send emails, but until that point, you can run your business for free.

Another feature offers is its affiliate program. It pays out 40% monthly recurring commissions for all paid members signed up through your link. That is why has made the best free affiliate marketing programs list.

When someone joins via your link, you earn a commission on their purchase. This system makes it easy for you to quickly generate passive income for your business – without the need for an additional marketing budget.

The affiliate program also provides advanced analytics which allows you to track the performance of your referral program. With this information, you can make data-driven improvements to your strategy and deliver even better results.

With its simple setup, pre-built assets, analytics tools, and handy commissions, it makes it easier to maximize the effectiveness of your referral program – allowing you to earn a passive income and launch your business to success.


  • 40% monthly recurring commissions
  • ALL the tools you need to start an affiliate marketing business for free
  • All of designs are optimized and mobile friendly
  • A quick and easy visual interface to help anyone create a high-converting website and store


  • The max monthly plan is $97, meaning you can at most make less than $40 per person per month.

#5 TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a great tool to help maximize online marketing efforts, especially when it comes to the best free affiliate marketing programs.


From advanced analytics and research tools to automated video optimization, TubeBuddy’s functionality will help you succeed in the competitive landscape of affiliate marketing.

TubeBuddy’s powerful keyword research tool enables you to identify key terms related to your affiliate programs’ offerings.

This will ensure you are consistently utilizing the right keywords when it comes to search engine optimization, particularly when posting content related to your affiliate programs.

TubeBuddy’s Bulk Optimization feature can help automate the optimization process, so you don’t have to manually optimize each video or post. You can easily customize tags, descriptions, and thumbnails in bulk, saving you precious time and resources.

TubeBuddy’s Video Embed tool also makes it simple to embed affiliate marketing links and CTAs within your videos. As viewers watch your videos, they’ll see the links, CTAs, and affiliate programs you’re promoting, increasing the visibility of your affiliates and driving more conversions.

TubeBuddy’s advanced analytics dashboard provides you with insight into the performance of your affiliate programs and campaigns. This will help you identify what is working and what isn’t to ensure you’re always getting the most out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

So, if you’re looking for the best free affiliate marketing programs, consider how TubeBuddy can help optimize your efforts to increase your conversion rate and revenue. Put the power of TubeBuddy’s features to work for you so you can take full advantage of your affiliate programs.


  • One of the best tools to help with organic YouTube traffic
  • Monthly recurring commissions
  • Great tool for keyword research and optimization
  • Bulk Optimization helps speed up the process of updating your videos


  • Lowest paying commissions from this list

What was considered when making the best free affiliate marketing programs list?

Before making the list of the best free affiliate marketing programs I had to decide what qualified a program to be on it.

Here are a few things I had to consider for each program:

Is the product free to use and promote?

Some products cost money, but still let you promote them, meaning you can’t use them yourself for free. This isn’t a good way to promote products. It’s always best to market products you have personally used. Not only to be more honest but also more knowledgeable.

On the other hand, some products will let you use them for free, but you have to upgrade before promoting them. In this case, it isn’t a free affiliate marketing program because it requires payment to become an affiliate. These are the types of products/programs I try to avoid.

Every affiliate marketing program on this list is 100% free to use yourself and promote to others. Many of them may also choose to be free members, but if any product is good enough upgrading is inevitable. That’s how you earn the commissions.

Does the product offer residual income?

If you ever plan for your online business to work, you need to earn a residual income. This is passive income that comes to you in the form of monthly recurring commissions.

residual income

Residual income is the fastest way to financial freedom and security. It is also the only way to achieve time freedom. Every business needs to be generating some form of residual income to be successful.

The best free affiliate marketing programs all provide some type of residual income.

Also, you won’t be earning high-ticket commissions of $1,000+ with free products. So if you have to be earning smaller commissions to start, they may as well be monthly recurring and build up over time.

Does the product offer something useful outside of its affiliate program?

The best programs are those that offer something useful to you or others. Products that offer tools that will help your business grow are great to use anyway, and their affiliate program just becomes the cherry on top.

Many affiliate programs just focus on commissions. If that’s all a program has to offer, it probably won’t work out too well in the long run.

It is always best to find amazing products that beg you to share them with your friends so being an affiliate just comes naturally.

That is precisely why LeadsLeap is in the #1 position. Even without the monthly recurring commissions and passive credits, it is an amazing tool to help anyone grow their online business for free.

How to start affiliate marketing for free

Now that you know what the best free affiliate marketing programs are, you may be ready to get started. After all, that’s the only way to begin making money with them.

I get it, we don’t all have money to blow on new things. Sometimes it is all you can do just to afford groceries and bills.

Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

Luckily, I have you covered. Just click here to read the full free guide on getting started.

I do have to admit there are better ways if you can spend $25-$52 a month, but I don’t want money to be the reason you hold back. That’s why I created this list in the first place.

Are there any restrictions or rules that must be followed?

The restrictions and rules for the best free affiliate marketing programs depend on the particular program, but there are some guidelines that are pretty universal. There may also be restrictions on the type of content or links you can generate in order to promote the product.

You’ll need to make sure that you comply with the rules and regulations established by the program. This includes things such as not using any advertising that is deceptive or misleading or doing anything that could lead to a negative reputation for the brand.

You’ll also need to make sure that you don’t violate any copyright laws or create content that could be considered objectionable or offensive to others. Additionally, you may need to review the terms and conditions of the affiliate program regularly to make sure you are following all the rules.

Some affiliate programs may also require that you abide by certain standards of conduct. For example, certain programs may require that you disclose your relationship with the company, or that you not profit from the sale of illegal or dangerous products.

It’s important to be aware of all the requirements associated with the best free affiliate marketing programs and to make sure you comply with them.


Don’t let money be the reason you don’t start your own affiliate marketing business. These programs will let you get started completely free!

The main thing is that you start your business and grow your residual income month to month. In time, you’ll have the extra money to upgrade to better tools or programs. Or not! There’s no reason why you can’t make good money with any of the items on this list.

Final Notes: LeadsLeap provides all the tools you need to start your business and provides 3 ways to earn a residual income.

Ezoic, however, is the most scalable. As your business grows you can earn more ad revenue, and as the sign-ups under you grow you can earn much more each month. It is the most scalable as far as money, but you’ll still need tools (like from LeadsLeap)

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