Achieve Financial and Time Freedom

I Help People Learn Ways To Earn Money Online

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Have You Tried Earning Online, But Failed?

  • Maybe you’re not a technical person and it’s too confusing,
  • It is just too hard for you,
  • Or you just can’t seem to find the time for it.

My name is Jason

I help people earn money online with play-to-earn games. I have been earning online for over 5 years, and now I share with others and help them along their journey to financial and time freedom.

I also have my own products such as the Star Atlas Maximum Profits Guide where affiliates can earn 50% commissions (plus bonuses). This is all set up to create a win-win-win situation for affiliates, buyers, and myself.

Jason Brothers from JBros Financial Freedom

Earn Money Online

Start making money online so you can achieve financial and time freedom from the comfort of your home. Stop slaving away for others, and start reaching for your own dreams.


Today, earning money by playing video games is a real thing. I know this because I have been doing it for years. It has always been a dream to make a living with video games, and my site will share with you how you can do that.

Financial & Time Freedom

Passive income is the ONLY way to time freedom. Learn how to earn more money while you sleep, are with your family, or doing whatever it is that you love to do. Stop trading your time for money, because time is something you can never get back.


I help people get started as cost-efficiently as possible. That being said, understand it is still a business (one that will make you a lot of money in return) and sometimes you will need to invest in yourself and your business.

The earning potential is great, especially when you start making a passive income.

Each person is different and results will vary. However, I’ve seen people who put in the work become profitable in their first week, many a lot sooner than that.

Keep in mind you will need to take action on what you learn to see any results. This isn’t a magic button that prints money, but it is still easy enough to come ahead very soon.

Getting started is key. The longer you wait to start, the longer it’ll take until you have a profitable business earning you passive income.

Typically 30 mins – 1 hour per day minimum is the time needed to see results. And if that sounds like a lot, remember most people work 8-12 hours a day for somebody else. Once you’ve gained some good assets you’ll have all the time freedom you could ever ask for, and that is the goal.

You can always put in more time and see faster results, but the main thing is consistency. Staying consistent over weeks and months will always be better than a huge burst once or twice.

Anyone anywhere can play online games. All it requires is an internet connection. With the right training and action taken anyone in the world can have a successful business and earn money online.

Age, race, job history, health, etc…. none of that matters here. The only people this will not work for are lazy people who do not want financial or time freedom.

Good job. This is the only question you should be asking!

While I have several videos, posts, and blogs on ways to get started, the best way to get started is by CLICKING HERE